Lacura Renew Multi Intensive Serum - Aldi's £2.99 secret

Officially my 2nd week into chemo after the 2nd round and oh how the chemicals seem to be testing everything from skin, taste buds to my patience.

Being scared of letting myself go during this unexpected stage in my life has got me spending more time trying to find the 'joys of feeling good' and pretty much shopping my way through treatment.

This week has been all about skin. Nice skin. Glowly skin. Soft baby skin that we all crave...even without the chemo.

So my first post is all about this little wonder serum from Aldi. Its not new on the market, its new to me and my oh my why it took chemo to find it...ashamed.

Having cancer is freakin expensive,  a literal lifestyle change that may leave only a few precious pound coins left in my purse, so what better way of spending it.. on A something I need and B something I won't feel guilty about.

What is a serum you may be asking? Well dolls, lets just say its something you need when trying to re-hydrate your skin especially when having chemo! Chemo can leave your skin terribly dry and lord knows I can't walk around with a bald head and dry skin, no no no that's just too much trauma. 

'The bio peptide Mimox promotes active skin relaxation and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.Coenzyme Q10 plays an important role in the stimulation of the skins biological functions. Aquarich,a deep moisturising complex from black oats,with Provitamin B5 and precious Macadamia Nut Oil,moisturises the skin and helps improve the complexion.
If used regularly, Lacura RENEW Multi Intensive Serum helps improve the appearance of fine lines.Skin appears more radiant,healthier and younger.'

Ive been using the Serum for about a week and a bit now and it seems to be doing really well for me. I haven't had any reactions and the smell hasn't made me puke before applying my moisturiser... which is even more of a bonus.
It feels very light and gentle and I have been applying the serum directly onto clean skin before anything else. It sinks in nicely and seems to boost my spirits as well, kind of like a glass of wine might for someone when getting ready for a night out, puts you in the mood, except I can't drink or taste anything so best thing.
The smell is slightly nostalgic for me though, reminds me of when I used to sit at my mums dressing table trying out her creams and being told 'you're too young for that cream' or when she used to give me a kiss a night, the fragrant smell that it left behind. I like it. 
It comes in a glass bottle which I love and has a little easy pump lid which is always a must for me. Looking at the bottle you would never think it has a 2.99 price tag! 
The serum now seems to be part of my daily routine. I had a few issues with my skin after my first round of chemo, a massive breakout of spots which I thought would last forever but thankfully it didn't. Before my skin settled, I liberally applied Sudo Creme at night to add the much needed moisture back in and help fight the breakout. The intensity of the Sudo Creme was life changing, it made me feel amazing when I woke up without a crust in sight!
So for anyone wanting to try this, you will not go wrong. Some other users have ranked this highly and without sounding like a brown noser, I have to agree, and at £2.99 for yet another potion, you won't have anything to lose but the penny change you'll get back right after you stuff it in your jean pocket. Potions master at Hogwarts would even rate this ...
5 Star 

Here is a quick tutorial on how I use Lacura Serum as part of my skin awakening routine 


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