A Moisturising Routine For My Dry Chemo Skin

During chemo most people will tell you how harsh it can be on your skin. I for sure have experienced these side effects as many women have too.

Chemotherapy kills all the fast growing cells, this includes, hair, skin and nails.
Sadly its all part of the bullcrap process, but things will improve after treatment is over.
 I have 4 more rounds of chemo to go, so counting down the days girl!

One of the big issues for me is dry skin. I experienced this so quickly into chemo, even after the first round! I remember waking up and seeing dry, thick flakes on my forehead, chin, and nose!
I'm melting! I'm Melting!

Some of the other skin reactions include:

  • increased sensitivity to sunlight
  • changes in skin colour
  • changes to nails
  • acne like rash
  • itching

  • It is so important to keep your skin in tip top shape, so when this nightmare is all over, you'll have soft, smooth, healthy and nourished skin and will thank yourself for supporting your skins well being.

    Making a bedtime routine before you tuck in for the night should be on your to do list, no matter how crap you feel, try to make sure you at least moisturise your face....

    What do I do ?

    I usually have a nice bath before going to bed, and when filling the bath, instead of adding salts like I used to do, I add oils instead. I usually use a few drops of natural Lavender oil and Jojoba Oil. You can use Johnson's baby both oil too but I prefer to go as natural as possible when soaking in the the tub.
    The lavender oil relaxes me and helps me have a good nights sleep. Some nights my sleep is so disturbed by all the poison floating around my body, I wake up in a shitty mood and sometimes stay that way all day ;(

    The oils I use are purchased from Paks. They have a few branches in London but most health food shops will sell essential oils.

    When having a shower Ive started using the Dove in Shower Shower Oil, which is quite nice, it leaves you clean and adds that extra moisture you need before applying a body butter. It retails at £4.99 and lasts agessss.

    Once I get out of the tub I usually do the following, starting with my face.

    I start by washing my face with L'Oreal Soothing Gel Cream Wash, it is perfect for dry and sensitive skin and won't irritate eyes! I love that I can smother my face and eyes and it won't sting one bit :) You can use morning and night,  I usually wear make up most days so this is a must in my routine.

    Try to avoid rubbing your lashes with any wipes or cotton pads, your lashes may be delicate and may be falling out especially if the chemo you are on causes hair loss.

    Next up, the Body Shop Vitamin E Sink in Moisture Sleeping Mask. This is not a daily use one. I would use this twice a week. You WILL wake up smooth moisturised skin I promise you! This is not a thick cream, however you do have to apply liberally.
    If you want to use something thicker which I sometimes do, I go for the Sudo Crem. Your probably thinking 'is this girl smoking something' no for real, if you try it you will understand.
    During certain points of the chemo cycle, I have experienced waking up and being horrified at my acne like spotty skin, but when I apply the Sudo Crem, it not only really moisturises the skin, but helps keep my spots at bay, reducing all the redness and dry skin it carries with it. 
    Pow and goodbye.

    On other nights when I don't use the Sudo Crem or the Body Shop Mask, I usually just use oil. Good old fashioned oil. Coconut oil or Jojoba oil is my preference.  I wake up in the morning, face looking as though it has sucked in all the oil. . feels great! I apply on my face and on my scalp as it is also amazing for your hair. Even if you have a bald head, treat your scalp with natural oils, it will do wonders for when your hair starts growing back! 

    You may not know but Jojoba Oil closely resembles sebum which is a natural oil our own glands created to condition the skin. So if you haven't tried it yet, go go go!
    It has so many benefits including, acne control, oil control, eczema and psoriasis relief, chapped lips, dry hands and cracked feet.

    The next thing I do is apply an all over body butter, it makes me feel super amazing when hopping into my bed.
    The one from Neal's Yard is just lovely. I got bough this as a gift and would not normally go for an orange fragrant anything unless it is Terry's Chocolate Orange, but this one is really nice! A little goes a long way with this too, I remember when I first put on, I was literally trying to rub it in for ages, I looked like a ghost lol. Its completely natural too which I love even more.

    The last thing I would do is apply something on my lips. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip balm is the one Ive been using at the moment. I have the stick but they have a balm specifically for night use. My lips haven't been too bad so Ive not needed the night balm, but I have met some ladies who swear by this. It cost £20 and does the job...really well. Again if your budget cannot stretch, which lets face it, having cancer is expensive! You can always just stick to coconut oil. Works like a charm.

    Night Night readers, I hope you feel good tomorrow morning :)

    Over and out 





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