Nothing wrong with going nude....

Its so easy to get caught up in buying lots of different colours when, to be frank you probably don't end up using them or even liking them when you bring them home. Spend more time testing them at the shops, and don't let anyone rush you.
When buying makeup I prefer going on my own, I literally take hours to choose something and hate being unsatisfied when I see them in the daylight. Shop lights are so deceiving!

When you are resting at home whilst going through chemo or any other health issue, putting some make-up on or even some lippy can do the world of good. I somehow instantly start to feel better about myself and my forever changing looks. Had a bad night sleep...put some lipstick on, thats my motto.

Before I started chemo a good nude lipstick would be the most suited for an average day, I do like pinks but nudes just seem to just go with everything.

So here they are, my go-to nudes. My secret weapon on an average day and won't break the bank either. Except for the Kylie one, the import tax can be outrageous, however, it most definitely has the best staying power. Trust me, nothing will budge this bad boy.

They all smell amazing and MAC being MAC you just want to eat it.

Some brands get it all wrong, no scent at all, not even a natural vanillery or honey smell. I hate that. I like a good lip product with a good fragrance, makes it feel special when applying, even if popping to the shops, why shouldn't you feel good on an average day? Why do we have to wear 'nice things' for a special occasion?
When your going through the cancer journey, everyday is an important day, so why not whack on that perfume you've been harbouring for years and only wearing when you go for a nice meal? Put it on now.

Today is a special occasion.


Over and Out



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