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Soley Organics - SteinEY Volcanic Face Mask € 38

So back in February, pre cancer diagnosis, I was fortunate enough to finally visit the beautiful Iceland with my best friends. Not the shop, the country....

Iceland is truly a magical place, and as a fan of anything organic I stumbled across a brand I'd never heard of when we visited the main shopping area in Reykjavik.

I entered a cute little shop which sold tons of beauty products, all made in Iceland, I was like a kid in a candy shop. Where the hell do I start!

I thought about what I needed rather than what looked pretty, my money was running very low :(  Soley Organics is in the mid price range and it being the final day of the holiday basically meant I was BROKE, I had a tiny reserve left for some hidden beauty treats and this is where I found it.

I finally settled on a face mask and healing balm. I still have loads left and I love Love LOVE the products.

Being back home in London and using these products takes me back. It reminds me of our road trip around the the Nordic Island, the hot springs, warmth of the blu lagoon and mesmerising geyser explosions. If you haven't been I recommend you pay Iceland a visit. A lot of the time I felt like I was in the Hobbit, lots of little mound Hobbit like houses, no longer used but loads believe the elves still live in them!

'This facial mineral mask regulates and balances skin, stimulates cellular metabolism, strengthens tissues and reduces the signs of ageing  It normalises skin texture by removing dead skin cells, toxins and impurities, which subsequently eases the absorption of applied nutrients and moisture. 
steinEY contains mineral rich volcanic clay from Eyjafjallajökull and hand-picked wild Icelandic birch that nourish and promote the skin’s natural equilibrium.'

Using the product

Lets start with the face mask. Its so much nicer and more therapeutic to mix up the mask yourself. I definitely feel like a true pagan, creating up my own potion. You decide on how much or how little you want to use and nothing gets wasted, unlike the packet ones, sometimes there is way too much in them and I usually end up binning what ever is left.

You get a little mixing dish, I prefer using my sea shells, grab a little brush, sadly the product doesn't come with either.  Get a little bit of the powder onto your brush or use a little teaspoon, place into your dish and add water then tad-ahhh. You are all mixed up, ready to apply. 

Once you apply the product, you wait for about 10 minutes - enough time to chill out and have a cup of tea, then wash off with warm water.
Your face feel fresh, completely cleansed and smoooooth. Apply some healing face balm to any troubling areas then your usual moisturiser then boom thats it!

Make sure you cleanse your face with a nice face wash before hand to get rid of any debries. 

I would usually use this in the evening times, and follow this by using a night cream. 

Check out the rest of the Soley Range on their website

Rating 5 stars :) 

Be sure to check out my post about my Evening Routine coming up next.

Over and out 

Kaz x 

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  1. This looks like a really fun mask - I love the packaging!

    Carla x

  2. This sounds like a really nice mask!! I love products like this!! Great review xx

    1. It really is a special little pot - thanks doll x


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