5 Easy Ways to Rock Your Bald Head!

So like me, you've probably lost your hair due to chemo or will when you start treatment. Don't panic its not all bad being bald ;) 
I lost my hair after the FEC chemo, (I had 3 rounds of that) and shortly after starting the Taxol, it started to grow back...although its now starting to resemble kiwi fruit fuzz...

It is sad for many when the hair loss occurs, its hard to accept your changing looks especially when it happens in such a short space of time! Being told by people that 'it will grow back' can be just as annoying but hey, it will happen and there are ways to remain in control of not only your emotions but your style.
 For me, I embraced it, I adopted a new stye and looking back to the time when I did have hair...man was it stressful!
The endless mornings of battling frizz, not knowing how to wear my hair or generally being bored of that same hair style I had for years. 

You may be thinking 'quick let me cover up my bald' but seriously, being bald has never been so fashionable, so liberating, so some days when I don't feel like wearing my wig...don't get me wrong I love it, but not everyday is a wig day.
Some women going through treatment find losing their hair makes them less feminine and i totally understand that feeling. Waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror reminds me of cancer and uncle fester! Having no hair and dark circles I literally feel like I could join the Adams Family as a Uncle Fester stand in! I spend time in the morning doing my make up drawing on brows adding colour to my cheeks and let me tell you, I look nothing like him by the end of it!:) 

Below are 5 easy tips to help enhance your balding self and show the world that you are way ahead of the fashion game AND are more feminine then you have ever imagined! 

1. Bold Lips

Gone are the days where wearing dark purple lipstick is only meant for a Friday night, girl you can wear a bold lip any time of day and not worry about your hair being clashy!
One thing I do remember when I did have hair was the confidence levels when trying to have perfect hair and perfect lips.  'This hairstyle doesn't match with this red, its too over the top'- I literally wear any colour on a daily basis now without worrying anymore as nothing is too much when you have a bald head or little hair.  I'm living life on a day to day basis so if I want to rock a magenta lip at 11am I will.

(Rimmel Matte Me Up) 

2. Statement Earrings

2017 has been the year for the statement earring so Pat Butcher was totally right! Whether it be massive hoops or bright dangling tassel's, you have a huge selection at your fingertips and even better, any earring you wear will look good! Trust me on this, worrying about hair once again is the thing of the past, embrace the change with some statement pieces and you will not look back.
Being bald is an advantage girl! When it comes to rocking the mighty crap outta some of the hot pieces available, you are not only bang on trend, but you will be turning heads for all the right reasons....!

(Earrings from Primark) 

3. Tis The Season To Be Furry

To quote John Snow, Winter IS coming and investing in a lovely furry coat is going to not only keep you warm, but accentuate YOU you bald beauty! 
Rocking fur is the perfect way to keep your femininity afloat, being bald can sometimes make me feel a little bit boyish, I'm not going to lie, but whenever I put my fur coat on....HELLO DIVA!
I wear my fur coat pretty much on a daily basis, even when walking the dog.. There are some really nice faux fur coats available on the high street and online, so while you may have been a bit iffy about it before, remember you have a new look now, try it on a see how you feel....trust me you won't feel bad, that i can 100% guarantee it.

(ASOS faux fur coat)

4. Hats Off To You 

Before you skip this hear me out. As long as you have a skull, a hat WILL suit you.
Now that your hair has gone, you may have felt like a hat didn't suit you before, but now its different.... Hats look good on the majority of people and I'm partial to a nice fedora,  I feel like Zorro...don't get in my way!
There are some amazing hats out there, the one pictured was brought in Primark for less than 5 pounds.
Go try some on and find one that you are happy with, its cold too so when you don't feel like putting a scarf or wig on, a hat will work wonders especially if you are in a rush. 

5. Chemo Scarf to Chic Scarf

When I lost my hair I refused to wear a scarf that was your typical chemo cancer patient type, we all know what they are, the ones you tie at the back...I really don't like them,  I remember trying one on and thinking, hell no! This makes me feel more ill and older than I actually am!
Right before buzzing my hair off, I started experimenting with nicer ways to wear a scarf to prepare myself, I even created a fab look with the help of a sock when I lost my hair! You can watch my technique below, I must say it is pretty much the only way I prefer to wear it! So go experiment, grab a few scarves on your shopping trip and test the water. 

I hope you've enjoyed my tips  x

Much Love 



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