My Experience of Writing for Vice/Tonic Magazine

I was really excited that someone from the Vice Magazine had approached me asking if I'd like to contribute to an article about TV and Movies getting cancer all wrong. Me, a newbie blogger writing for Tonic...of course I said yes!

It was August last year and I had at that point in time set up my blog and my Go Fund Me page, fundraising for my charity was going well,  and I had written a few posts to help others. I think the main one at the time which was being circulated was my realists guides tips for preparing for chemo, and also one about me being 'the face of death' - essentially my hospital admission experience.

I had a lot to say ...mainly because after putting a wig on, you never would have known that I have cancer and going through chemotherapy.
Before starting chemo, I'm not going to lie....due to TV and the movies, I had this whole other image in my head of what cancer treatment was going to be like. One infection then I'm dead.
My uncle, at the age of 25 was diagnosed with Leukaemia and at the time, (25 years ago) I'd seen what it had done to him and I will forever have that imagine in my head. 
However nowwww, chemo has changed, treatment is individual and looking at my chemo experience a month after it ended, yes it was tough, but I thought it would be way worse.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my daily posts on Insta Stories from being in the chemo unit to having 3 hospital admissions, some days I was down in the dumps, but the people around me and my online friends pumped me up, so I was in a good mood 90% of the time.
I had people from the other side of the world messaging me with praise and questions and I was overwhelmed, in a good way.

Writing at that point was essential and quite quickly I had a knack for it. I enjoyed it. I thrived on the fact that it had reached the people the most in need of it and so all the messages that came pouring in was the validation I needed to continue. 

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