The Hardest Thing I've Ever Told My Dad

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is tell my dad I had cancer.
I knew it would be hard .
Daddy’s girl about to cause daddy’s heart to break. 

You always want to deliver good news to your parents. 
Make them smile. 
Make them proud. 
Good grades, a promotion at work. Not this.
How the heck do I say it...?

As usual , I tried to keep a smile on my face. Be strong just like my dad is.

I waited at my parents house for my Dad to come home from work. Sat in the kitchen on Mum's brown leather sofa, carrying this shit cloud of news that didn’t even seem real. 
My mum opposite me looking at me with this fear in her eyes. Looking at me thinking ‘why my daughter’.

I heard the keys turn in the door. My heart pounding anxiously.
What word should I say first. My mouths dry. 

‘Well’ he said ‘did you get your results’ he asked me with a worried yet hopeful tone....
‘Not good’ I said . Trying to hold back my tears. Trying to hold my smile .
I will never forget his reaction when I told him. I didn't even say the word cancer but he knew.
Silence .
His head leaning on my shoulder. Fearing the worst. I could see it in his eyes too. 

No father should ever have to hear their child tell them those words but every father should do as my dad did. Love me and support me. 

I’ve always looked up to my dad. We’ve had our moments like every daughter and father has , but my dad is the one person I can hand on heart say I can rely on. Never lets me down , even when I’m being stubborn. Being Angry about what card life has dealt me.
I’m so lucky to have such a smart dude around. A dad of all trades who loves a ‘Dad joke’. I hand on heart would not be the person I am today without my dad. 
When the visits from friends and phone calls from family started to decline over the months which have passed. My dad never failed to check in.
‘Do you need anything? Just calling to say hello. ‘
That’s the stuff real dads are made of.
That’s the stuff my dad is made of. 
Well Dad . I’ve fought hard. You and Mum have fought hard with me and we are over the worst and your little girl - Shes getting better. She’s on this crazy path of doing great things to make this world a better place for the thousands of other daughters that had to deliver the same news to their dads.
Thank you Dad . Love you more than you know. 

Happy Fathers Day 


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